Projects for Younger Men who have Sex with Men (YMSM)The Department of Health reported a continuing rise of HIV infection. According to figures of the PriSM survey, HIV infection among Men who have Sex with Men increased from 4.05% in 2006 to 4.31% in 2008. This implies a rising threat in the Younger Men who have Sex with Men community. Therefore, AIDS Concerns established a prevention project for them, called LUVA. The project title rhymes with "lover", suggestive to the multiple interests of younger people. In fact, LUVA hopes to protrait Learning, Uniqueness, Vitality, and Alliance.

Through LUVA, we gather a group of lively YMSM who are unique in characters and hobbies. The LUVA members gain knowledge of sexual health through attending workshops, outreach work and sharing sessions. Additionally, the LUVA project cultivates learning between the members, befriends and listen to them. We hope to foster positive values among them. For examples, LUVA had organised karaoke nights, volleyball game, baking workshop and outreach training.